RALEIGH AL300 major reno 2018


purchase 2017

taken apart, painted,

gloss coat,

and put back together

with many new parts.

Shimano Teagro.

$1000 price point.

My first/entry road

bike since being 16.

Great fun and health.


What's next?

Clipless pedals and

a midrange bike.

Canyon I'm thinking.

The bicycle is a combination of pure design form and pure design function. Each mechanical part has a exact purpose. There no extras. And with Professional Racing in all areas [road, track, mountain, cross] the building and making of bicycles is at the highest level, and evolving every year – which always gushes down to production bikes. To say little of the environmental, health, cost and ease of city commuting advantages.


Vehicles for human transport that have two wheels and require balancing by the rider date back to the early 19th century. The first means of transport making use of two wheels arranged consecutively, and thus the archetype of the bicycle, was the German Draisine dating back to 1817. The term bicycle was coined in France in the 1860s.


With the fastest recorded speed of a bicycle being 133.28 km/h on the Varna Tempest [2009] by Canadian rider Sam Whittingham, in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Cycling has become more than a Sunday afternoon recreation – and it is this ever-evolving combination of design form and function, that makes the modern bicycle what it is today.


VARNA TEMPEST / Bulgaria-Canada 2009

DRAISINE / Germany 1817

RALEIGH / England 1976

ON THIS PAGE – are bicycles that I purchased, evolving my own ideas on rebuilds. As a designer, I like applying my own visual aestetic to these projects. Which makes riding that much more fun and determined.

BELOW – I got to ride my first racing bike [an Xmas Raleigh] at the age of 15 on the South Downs of England – after my father took me to see the London to Brighton - Seafront Road Race Time Trials as a young boy. From then on I became forever addicted to bicycles and riding – even timing myself doing circuts around our small village – with my first dropped handlebar road bike.




^ COLNAGO purchase above in 2005
bicycle was manufactured in the 70's

^ FUJI purchase above in 2015

after I got my Colnago stolen

- but i fortunately got it back

^ PEUGEOT purchase above in 2016
bike was manufactured in the 70's

< FUJI FEATHER reno 2016 [with new logo]

< COLNAGO reno 2017

All original stock. Bike came with brown + logo chain guard and black rubber handlebar grips. Manufactured in the 70's in Nottingham [Robin Hood country] England

< COLNAGO reno 2017

< COLNAGO reno 2014

< PEUGEOT reno 2016

< PEUGEOT reno 2015

< RALEIGH SPRITE27 purchase mint 2016

< COLNAGO reno 2015

< FUJI reno 2014

< COLNAGO reno 2017

< FUJI reno 2015

< COLNAGO reno 2016

< COLNAGO reno in process 2012

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