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BROWN'S OBSESSION with design began at an early age in Brighton, U.K. Collecting stamps, making scrapbooks, delivering London newspapers and magazines, as well as a trip to Paris – were all influences. At 15 — before he had his own camera — he began printing his father’s negatives in an outside stone basement.


Three years after his first darkroom, he bought a Mamiya 4×5 and studied Ansel Adam’s black-and-white Zone System. At 20, Malcolm Brown moved to Canada where his work soon appeared in exhibitions and publications. He also designed Simpson's windows on Yonge Street, photographed dancers from the National Ballet and attended art school.

Right from college he landed positions as designer then art director, at Citytv and MuchMusic in Toronto.


After 5 years in television he went on to art direct and design print magazines and publications which include Adbusters [Van-couver], enRoute/Air Canada [Montreal], I.C.E., Shift, Outpost [Toronto] Raygun [prototype, Los Angeles] and Unlimited.

Away from the studio:

Brown has been involved in many sports since a boy — cycling, football/soccer, kayaking, running marathons, table tennis and windsurfing.

He has won over 25 gold and silver National Magazine Awards as well as ADCC gold, silver and merit awards, a prestigeous New York Type Directors Club Award and 'Best Magazine' in Canada for design and editorial.


As print began to fade, Brown launched into website design, and more recently tablet and mobile. He is skilled in CSS, Dreamweaver, FolioLink, HTML5, Squarespace, Wordpress and the past year he took on Adobe Muse, Premiere Pro and After Effects.


During his career, Brown has maintained close ties to the design community: judging National Magazine Awards; mentoring students at The Advertising & Design Club of Canada [ADCC]; sharing his knowledge and expertise through speaking and assisting at George Brown College, OCAD University, Ryerson University, AMPA [Calgary] MacEwan University [Alberta] and the University of Toronto.


"In my work – design and photography are always fighting for top spot – but it’s this vital

friction that keeps things interesting."




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A page dedicated to Brown's bicycle rebuilds can be found > here
















Recent GMD Projects:

GROCERY COFFEE INC [poster design], CDN FILM CENTER [illustrations], BLACK CODE [film poster], VehicleSF/San Francisco [photographs], EDWARD BURTYNSKY [website for book+film], MOJO CYCLES [poster+logo], SAKHOUSE LOS ANGELES [website+logo], SOLID DESIGN BUILD [restaurant+bar photographs], HELVETLICA [typeface], DEMOCRATS ABROAD [u.s. election night photos], THE HUNDRED DOLLAR PORTRAIT [photographs for an exhibition], COLLECTIVE ARTS BREWING [photo for beer lable series 1]


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